Svařováni polypropylenových lan horkovzdušnou pistolí

Welding of polypropylene ropes by heat gun

We have already talked about how to cut polypropylene ropes and solder them. Another device by which ropes can be easily welded is heat gun. Master this method for welding of polypropylene ropes.

The hot air current coming out from your heat gun will enable us to quickly create a weld joint. The advantage of welding using heat gun is that we have both hands free for handling of the rope.

Procedure of welding of ropes using heat gun

  1. We must have the end of the rope cut off in advance under the angle of 45-55°. For information on how to cut it – see the article How to Cut Propylene Ropes.

Welding of polypropylene ropes by heat gun

  1. Put your heat gun on a table and let it heat up to operational temperature.
  2. Above the cone of hot air, warm up the following::
    • cut off rope end,
    • and place where you will apply the rope end.

Push the polypropylene ropes against each other and hold them for a moment. The material in the weld will cool off in a couple of seconds, and the joint is ready.

Welding of polypropylene ropes by heat gun

In the course of welding of polypropylene ropes by heat gun, it is advisable to carry out the weld starting from the bevelled rope end.

  1. Take the rope by hand by the created loop and heat it up again. Start with the place where weld has been already carried out (under the welded top). By vertically moving the rope downwards, heat the required rope length meant for weld. The weld length needs to be estimated.

Welding of polypropylene ropes by heat gun

  1. Press the heated ends against each other using your fingers, and hold for a while. The job is done now.

Welding of polypropylene ropes by heat gun

It is not possible to either point weld polypropylene ropes by heat gun or to create very short welds.

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