How To Attach Copper Rivets

You can be sure that copper rivets will increase your leather products’ exclusivity and uniqueness. If you want to learn how to use them too, watch our new video and learn in 7 minutes:

0:23 – how to choose the right size of rivets,
1:56 – how to rivet and what tools to use for riveting,
5:28 – some useful tips.

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How to rivet metal ornaments to leather

Decorative rivets are a very popular metal decorations. They can decorate dog collars and leads, bracelets, handbags, shoes, leather clothes, diaries and many other products. Because of their diverse shapes and sizes, the riveting is not easy. As we get a lot of questions about this, we’ve prepared for you this article.

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Working with waterproof webbing

Waterproof webbing is made of two materials. The core of the webbing consists of a PVC fabric over which a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is applied. The combination of the two materials gives the webbing those unique features that you will find so useful. See for yourself how easy it is to work with this stuff.

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A guide for making dog collars from polypropylene webbing

In saddlery products, such as harnesses, leashes, collars or halters for horses, leather can be replaced with polypropylene webbing. In today’s photo guide, we have prepared for you a guide on how to make a collar without sewing using polypropylene webbing, rivets and a solder with a tip.

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How to rivet snap fasteners

Riveting four-part snap buttons are known as snap fasteners to many people. They have more than one hundred years of tradition. Their appearance and functions have remained practically unchanged during this time. It should be noted that despite their great age, they perfectly fulfill their function even today. They are perfectly joined and the most diverse materials can be snapped with them.

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Riveting chaton rivets

Chaton rivets are rivets embedded with cut imitations of gems – chatons. Like saddlery rivets, chaton rivets also consist of a head and a lower part. The head has the same shape as a saddlery rivet. The lower part with the shaft is concluded with a special bed, into which the cut jewelry stone made of glass is embedded.

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